Our Community

We love all people – the whole family and all generations.

Our history

Genesis Church Launches Online

In 2019 Genesis Church launched its new website and online giving service.

In 2020 with the onset of Covid it also launched its “online” church services and zoom events helping people stay safe during the pandemic.

While this took some time to get use to many people became familiar with technology to connect with others.

Pastor Jim McMillan said, “Our natural deep longing is to meet and worship face to face. But we understand the days in which we live.” further saying, “Like the persecuted church our relationship with Jesus survives any oppression. We are just so blessed that we can use technology to stay connected to one-another!”

What to expect at Genesis Church


A friendly environment where people really care for each other


A community of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and spiritual heritage


A time to connect with God through prayer and Holy Communion


Relevant Bible based messages that bring God into our everyday lives


A safe and inspiring experience for our kids


A place of challenge for you to live out your faith

Discover three simple ways you can make a difference at Genesis Church

Encourage Others

Part of being a great community is looking for ways to connect and encourage others grow strong in their faith.

Serve Passionately

We are a church community passionate about making a difference outside the four walls of our community. This is where discipleship happens.

Worship Extravagantly

Worship is more than singing and raising hands at church. It’s whole life submission to Jesus our King and Saviour.

We love to equip people to serve in the church and in the community. Helping them find their exact spot in God’s plan.

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Genesis Church

Genesis Church is part of the Australian Christian Churches fellowship.