Happening at Genesis

Small Groups (2-12 people)

We love small groups! We encourage both church-initiated and member-initiated small groups. They can be bible studies, prayer groups, coffee or foodie groups, mums groups, riding, car and recreation groups. Just about anything goes. We just encourage you to keep our church vision and mission as the filter (1Mission123).

Church Services

You are welcome to our LIVE church services! (They really are the best!) However, sometimes you just can’t make church due to illness, your job, vacations or being indisposed – you can always watch our services most weeks ONLINE https://genesischurch.com.au/online.

Prayer & Praise

You can now leave your prayer request or a praise note online here. We also have a weekly online prayer group. Please reach out to Peter Silk for more information.

Stay in Contact

Please don’t stay invisible or isolated. Take the initiative to contact us or a friend. Remember the command for those who are sick to call the elders to pray. If you have a need or would like to contact us please reach-out here.

Calendar & Event Times

Monthly Calendar

Upcoming Events