Our heartbeat starts with Jesus.

We want to invite you to come on a new journey with us. A fresh start.

The good book says in Genesis 1:31, “…God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.”

At Genesis Church we believe in new beginnings. God is the God of new life, a new day, new love and even new wine!

As a passionate faith community we want to love others well. But, before we can do this, we have to learn how to love and trust God first.

To make this easy, God sent his son Jesus, full flesh and bones, to remind us how we can start afresh again.

Simply by placing our trust in Him.

This young man, Jesus, who lived in the Middle-East 2000 years ago gave up his life for us on a wooden stake.

He defeated death, and made a way for every human to get right with God, to get new life, have a future and overcome the power of all kinds of sickness and wrong doing – irrespective of how bad they’ve been, or even “feel” they’ve been.

By simply admitting they have sinned (done wrong), and by placing their ongoing hope (confidence) in Him – this is where and when NEW LIFE begins!

That’s why Jesus is our heartbeat. When we do this we get a new heart. We come alive to life. To God. And begin to love others like never before.

So, can we invite you to be brave? Come on this journey with us at Genesis Church.

Love to talk with you more.

What we genuinely believe

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word. It is accurate, authoritative and applicable to our every day lives.

We believe in one eternal God who is the Creator of all things. He exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He is totally loving and completely holy.

We believe that sin has separated each of us from God and His purpose for our lives.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ as both God and man is the only One who can reconcile us to God. He lived a sinless and exemplary life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again to prove His victory and empower us for life.

We believe that in order to receive forgiveness and the ‘new birth’ we must repent of our sins, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and submit to His will for our lives.

We believe that in order to live the holy and fruitful lives that God intends for us, we need to be baptised in water and daily filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit enables us to use spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues which is an initial evidence of baptism in the Holy Spirit. We believe that God has individually equipped us so that we can successfully achieve His purpose for our lives which is to worship God, fulfil our role in the Church and serve the community in which we live.

We believe that God wants to heal and transform us so that we can live healthy and prosperous lives in order to help others more effectively. We believe that our eternal destination of either Heaven or hell is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again as He promised.

Personal stories of impact & transformation

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